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聚丙烯 (PP)
聚丙烯 (PP)


Polypropylene (PP)

(Only for FOB) In the special price of this product, 1MT costs US$765.
Polypropylene is a lightweight plastic material with a density of 0.905g/cm3. Its new raw material has high temperature resistance, chemical resistance, high rigidity, no stress cracking, and high tensile strength. It has excellent properties and has a high recycling rate. It is one of the most widely reused plastic raw materials among recycled raw materials.
Packing tapes, woven bags, home appliances, stationery and office products, automobile and motorcycle parts, carpet underlays, toys, furniture
Added 20% mineral fiber content, black, easy to injection molding, low shrinkage, stable size, high rigidity, high hardness