Heytahai Corporation /Address: No.7, Aly. 36, Ln. 15, Shijian St., North Dist., Tainan City 704, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


Company Profile and History

   Founded in February 1997, Heytahai Corporation is an agent of raw materials of general-purpose plastics and engineering plastics. We have been dedicated to plastics reproduction and reuse by utilizing our expertise in the plastics field, and provided research/agency service for reproduced plastic materials. Our products include plastic raw materials such as PP, PE, PS, ABS, PVC, SBC (Q-resin), SBC (K-resin), PC, PC/ABS, PA6, PA66, PPO, PPS, PET, PETG, PCTA, TPE, TPR, MS, PMMA, COLORBASE, etc.

    Plastic products are being popularized in all industries, with the market being globalized. The eco-friendly concept of reproduction and reuse has spread around the globe against the increasingly wide use of plastics for its ductility and cost-efficiency features. With an eye on this trend, we are committed to carbon reduction to creating win-win situations for all involved parties by adhering to our beliefs: integrity, down-to-earthness and professionalism. Heytahai, as a customer-centered, innovation-focused company providing all-round services, is growing annually at a steady pace. We assist our customers in developing markets in 3C electronic consumer products, electronic components, optoelectronics, communication products, appliances, automobiles, motorcycles, and electronics industries.

    Heytahai serves customers with sincerity, down-to-earthness and professionalism as its corporate philosophy. We will make all-out efforts to reward our customers and contribute more to the society.